Gardening Gloves – Best by Category

Photo by Lara Jameson on putting soil in pot for plants

Best Overall Gardening Gloves

pine tree tools bamboo gardening gloves

Pine Tree Tools – Bamboo

Breathable and durable, these gloves do a great job of keeping your hands dry while in the garden as the bamboo absorbs the precipitation. They are a snug fit, which make them great for touchscreens and not needing to remove them for every chore you are doing. Recommended to buy size up if you are not comfortable with tight fittings.

– Comfortable– Run small
– Stretchy– Can wear down
– Easy to Clean
– Longevity
– Durability
– Water Resistance

Best Lightweight Gardening Gloves

cooljob gardening gloves

COOLJOB – Gardening Gloves

Lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. With a long cuff, these will help keep dirt and debris out of your hands. Soft and sturdy gloves, with plenty of stretch to them and best of all a big bang for your buck as they come in a pack of 6.

– Stretchy– will melt in hot heats
– Comfortable– Not heavy duty
– Sturdy– Do not wash well
– Value for the money
– Durable

Best Heavy Duty Gardening Gloves

ozero leather work gloves

OZERO – Leather work Gloves

There are other heavy duty type gloves in the market but these are the most affordable with tons of positive reviews and easy to see why that is. They are a comfortable, durable, and protective gloves made for gardening, farming, construction, and more.

– Value for money– wear over time with heavy use
– Comfortable
– Durable
– Sturdy
– Stretch

Best Leather Gardening Gloves

coreground leather safety gloves

COREGROUND – Leather Safety work gloves

100% split cowhide, these gloves are puncture resistant and do well in high temperatures. These are very useful for rose pruning, wood cutting, mulching, and other heavy duty jobs needed. Tons of reviews on Amazon, sizing fits true to size.

– Comfortable– not waterproof
– Durable– fingers can rip on gloves
– Good quality
– Thorn resistant
– Heavy duty

Best Budget Gardening Gloves

cooljob gardening gloves

COOLJOB – Gardening Gloves

At just $2.33 per pair right now, these gloves are a great budget friendly option. Outstanding reviews with over 13,000! These are breathable, lightweight, and most budget friendly option for the quality.

– Stretchy– Will melt in hot temps
– Comfortable– Not heavy duty
– Sturdy– Do not wash well
– Value for money

Best for Pruning Gardening Gloves

handlandy pruning gloves

HANDLANDY – Pruning Gloves

These gloves are great for pruning, they are highly rates with great reviews. Breathable pigskin with a porous hide that will keep your hands cool on a hot gardening day. Long extended cuffs reaching down to around the elbows provide adequate protection over thorns.

– Value for money– Sizing may be off
– Comfortable– Can wear down thumbs after heavy usage
– Protective
– Sturdy
– Durable

Best Gardening Gloves for Kids

kids gardening gloves

COOLJOB – Kids Gardening Gloves

Designed specifically for kids, these gloves are made for little hands for 2-5 year olds. They come in vibrant colors that will be welcomed by your little one. Does have long wrist that will help keep that dirt and debris away from kids hands.

– Comfortable– Can vary in sizing
– Different colors
– Stretchy
– Water Resistant

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