Caladium Quick Guide

A Caladium. They are colorful, tropical, vibrant and uniquely shaped plants that grow in tropical rainforests. These plants are very ornamental and are sure to liven up your home inside or outdoors. This will be a guide that will highlight some of the requirements that a caladium desires for you to grow yourself at home!

Where do Caladiums Grow Best?

Due to their habitats being tropical rainforests. These beauties do best in environments that can provide warm humid air along with some shade and bright sun. Creating their own little rain forest type environment will help caladiums thrive and grow big heart shaped leaves.

Its best to have warm soil, with temperatures staying around 70°F and 85°F with moist, rich, light and well draining soil.

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Does Caladium Need Sun or Shade?

As we discussed above, the caladium enjoys warm temperatures. It’s important to provide it with light that it can feed from. It enjoys its time in partial shade as well. This will help bring out the most beautiful, colorful, and vibrant leaves.

If the plant spends too much time in shade, the leaves will not grow as vibrant.

Do Caladiums Come Back Every Year?

You might be wondering. “Am I going to spend all my time caring for this plant and then it will just die?!”

Depends, if you live in a tropical region or somewhere warm. The plat drops bulbs, that can be left in ground. If temperatures don’t get too cold. The plant will begin to start producing again the following year during Spring.

“What about us folks in cold weather?”, not to worry! Since the plant does drop bulbs. You can take them in the fall, Let the soil dry out, and cut back the dead leaves. Proceed to place them in a container with dry sphagnum moss. Do not let the temperature drop below 60°F. Does not require sun, just warm temps.

Once spring rolls around, the bulbs will begin to produce new leaves. If bringing it back outdoors. Introduce it back to the environment slowly, before planting in ground.

Are Caladiums Easy to Care for?

Lastly, after we have gone over a quick guide of caladiums. The question is, “are caladiums easy to care for?”. Again, the answer will depend on the environment. Now that you know what these plants enjoy and where they thrive. Find an area outdoors that gets bright lighting but gets cover with some shade to keep out of direct sunlight.

If you intend to keep it indoors, make sure the house is warm and has plenty of humidity, this will help the plant grow to its best potential!



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