How Far Apart to Plant Tomatoes

close up of tomatoes in a garden
close up of tomatoes in a garden


How Far Apart to Plant Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a staple in most gardens. With over 10,000 varieties there are enough to keep you occupied for years to come!

How far apart to plant tomatoes is going to depend. Some research recommends to plant them atleast two or more feet apart from each other.

The Truth is though, you can plant them close together than that. In our garden for example we place them about 12 to 15 inches apart but we also use stakes. This helps things not get to entangled and gives the plants plenty of room to grow.

If you have room to play with, try placing them a little further apart from each other

If you are limited on space. Perhaps try placing them a little closer and making the most of your space with stakes to encourage vertical growth.

When to Plant Tomatoes

In most regions you will want to plant them around late spring or early summer, as tomatoes enjoy the warmth. In hotter regions such as zone 10 you will want to do them closer to the Fall and winter.

When to Water Tomatoes

Early in the season. When the tomatoes are being planted they will need more water. You can do a quick check to determine if they need water.

  • If the soil is dry, likely needs water
  • If you cant tell how dry it is. Stick your fingers in the soil and see how dry it is, if the first inch or two are dry, water plant.

After the tomatoes have been growing. You can begin to water less frequently and move to once a week, giving them a nice deep watering.


Growing in your garden ultimately is going to be an experiment, that is what makes gardening enjoyable. What works for someone might not be the best solution for someone else. Its important to try different things and see what happens, get out there and get dirty. Gardening is not a one and done event. Its a long journey where you learn what plants enjoy and what they don’t. Don’t be frustrated with results, learn from them and come out the other end a better gardener.

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